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Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 VL x64 en-US Feb2013
Microsoft Office ProPlus 2013 VL x64 en-US Feb2013 | 1GB

So, I got bored today and decided to integrate some patches
into Office 2013 instead of continuing work on my current OS stuff.
Basically, what you have here is a beautiful MSDN ProPlus VL source
and it has an updates folder. You can't simply toss the exe files
from MS Download Center in the folder, but you can extract those files
with 7-zip and then copy the en-US and the none.MSP files to there.

And that's exactly what I've done.

People often ask me for advice on Office activation, and I can say
with a large degree of confidence that VL is the way to go for Office
2013 stuff. The main reason is that MS stuff is very difficult to
crack. With a lot of software, you can get away with a simple keygen
or a bitswitch. You cannot do that with Microsoft. They have security
catalogs and multi-program activation methods. It's not enough to
simply crack one file; you have to crack them all. That is, unless
you find a backdoor.

That's what CODYQX4 has been working on over at MDL. He has come up
with a series of KMSEmulator programs that first spawned virtual
machine based activators, and now, very streamlined activations.
It uses your system's localhost to send information back and forth
from a pretend server. You could do this with a real online KMS
server, but the more people that use them, the faster they run out
of activations. Office 2013 KMS activation is slightly different
than Windows KMS activation, so not all Windows KMS servers and
Office KMS servers can activate everything. For example, WS12
servers can activate most Windows systems, but Win8 based systems
cannot activate WS12 systems.

You can use CODYQX4's MS toolkit, but your a/v program will nag you
with false-positives. I personally recommend using KMSpico.
I have included a zip file with KMSpico v3.2 and some instructions.
If you read the instructions you should be perfectly happy with
your Office activation.

I recommend getting and using Advanced Tokens Manager to backup
any legit retail Windows or Office activations before attempting
to use any KMS activator.


Release File:
Size: 1.02GiB
MD5: 426BA8F4D8007771985A70C0F5707F47
SHA-1: EFB686D26DBF96FA180A67946117C1B4F262142E

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